Social Marketing Initiative is committed to high-quality research and turning research into action. We are experts in both qualitative and quantitative research, possessing a full range of research tools. We have a variety of publications in high-ranking international peer-reviewed journals. We are doing research and publishing our papers internationally on a continuous basis.

Research: We offer a wide range of research services to Governmental agencies, international organizations, and private companies, that provide critical evidences for decision-making related to developing and improving their programs, making investments, and expanding their businesses. We could customize our services to requirements from our clients while maintaining international quality.

Evaluation: We also help our clients evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of their programs. At Social Marketing Initiative, we apply cutting edge research methods and quantitative methods to provide our clients with the right answers and information, as well as strategic recommendations to guide their decisions.

Portfolio: Our Research & Evaluation portfolio includes: Market research, value chain analysis, baseline survey, KAP (Knowledge-Attitude-Practice) study, consumers survey, formative research, etc. We have hands-on experience in a number of fields (e.g. Business studies, sustainable agriculture, disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, nutrition, food fortification, conservation issues, social marketing).

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